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Headquartered in Puerto Rico and with offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the United States, QMC is a fast-growing telecommunications infrastructure company that wants to change the world through connectivity.



We stand together in the #connectivitymovement

We have a very important calling: to enable connectivity, solution by solution, at the highest levels of performance.

To do this, we work as a team, without personal egos. The success of our customers depends on our collective efforts, driven by excellent individual performance. We are smartly frugal and entrepreneurial, and we maintain a constant sense of urgency. We are obsessed with solving our customers' problems and strive for long-term sustainable success in everything we do, always focused on achieving our strategic goals.



Why do our QMCers enjoy working here so much?

At QMC, we offer meaningful projects, career development, transparency and, of course, many victories! And we always celebrate all of our achievements together, with a lot of #proudtobeqmc.

“I've been given exceptional growth opportunities and have never learned so much. From my experience, the company really lives up to its mission of FOSTER GROWTH. The thing I like the most about working at QMC is the culture and how we live it with our orange blood every day. It is an excellent environment with great people. And very important that we work hard but also have fun!“

Luiza Bet, New Growth Officer, 5 years at QMC

QMC and I were a perfect match. After pursuing an MBA in the US, I was looking for a place that could provide me with growth and learning opportunities, combined with a work environment in which people live the company values. I feel empowered to share and execute on my entrepreneurial ideas and generate real impact for the company.#entreprenurial

Eduardo Watanabe, Growth Director, 5 years at QMC

“Why is QMC different? It’s agile, efficient and innovative. I had the opportunity to develop a Legal Department that could bring all the business areas together and strengthen the company's strategic vision. This is an example of how our values permeate the corporate environment, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth to QMC's employees.” #entreprenurial

Ana Maria Torres, Global Legal Counsel, 6 years at QMC

“No two weeks are alike at QMC. I always find myself working on something new, and this environment of constant growth keeps me energized and challenged. Whenever I run into an obstacle, I’m able to find people in the company who are willing to help and problem-solve together. It’s the #entrepreneurial spirit at its finest."

George Malkin, Head of US Launch, 2 years at QMC

“Working at QMC has shown me that we can have it all: love what we do in a company that respects and values ​​its team, suppliers, customers and its customers' customers – regardless of where we operate. We have an inherent and steadfast purpose that boils down to building true miracles, responsible for bringing quality connections to people, providing us with joy and pride.” #enableconnectivity

Valéria Dupont, Implementation Manager, 6 years at QMC

“I am proud to be part of QMC, not only because of the way that connectivity can transform and enhance the way we communicate, all around the world, but also because our company adopts, applies and firmly believes in each one of the values ​​that we have as an identity. It's amazing how QMC cares about each and every person who works at this company."

Cristofer Sanchez, IT Manager, 3 years at QMC

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To work at QMC is to always be connected and have “orange blood” running through your veins. Are you ready to be part of this #movementforconnectivity?

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QMC internship program:
starting your professional life with purpose and the #orangeway

We never forget our first internship! Not even our first managers - those people who are responsible for helping us learn to navigate the professional universe. We are a company that not only believes in the diversity of people, but also wants to build a place where everyone has a voice: the #movementforconnectivity begins here. All you need is to roll up your sleeves and embark on this mission with us.

We’re ready for your talent! And you? Are you ready to start your professional life with the #orangeway and a lot of #proudtobeqmc?

We don't have standard procedures here: we adapt according to the needs of both intern and the company. We want to have a positive impact on your life so that you grow personally and professionally.

That is why, here at the QMC Telecom International, our managers work in tandem with young talent. By closely following the interns' professional careers and encouraging individual growth, we aim to inspire, develop and train the professionals who will contribute to our continuous evolution: helping us to increasingly connect more and more people.

Come and be a part of the #qmcfamily! We are waiting for you!

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Learn about the benefits of working at QMC

At QMC, “growth opportunities” is not just something nice to say on paper: you will have real opportunities for career development when working here. We offer a positive environment that provides you with a lot of autonomy and responsibility from the start and direct access to the company's leadership.

We are a fast-growing entrepreneurial company, and as a result, we need to be resilient. Determination is part of our daily lives and giving up is not part of our vocabulary.

We look for people who share our culture: transparent (open door policy), good listeners, flexible, responsible, ethical, and above all respectful to everyone.


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