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5G isn't only a matter of faster downloads.

It will completely change how we connect 

In this E-book, we talk about:

  • The evolution from 1G to 5G
  • What distinguishes 5G from 4G and prior technologies
  • How 5G can benefit different business verticals including commercial real estate, healthcare, education, and hospitality
  • How this emerging technology will empower companies like yours to deliver a better consumer experience

Find out how your business can position itself today to reap the benefits 5G will deliver to your customers in the future.

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High data transfer rates

5G will support download speeds never seen before. 10 Gbps of download, against the current 100 Mbps on average of 4G.


Low Latency

5G is expected to offer near real-time response time between applications. This will be critical in supporting the move towards more distributed networks


 Connectivity density

5G means more connected devices. It will likely support 1 million connections per square kilometer, vs. the 100,000 by 4G.