Chapultepec Uno


One of the most visited tourist spots in Mexico City is the wide Paseo de La Reforma Avenue, which houses one of the city’s most emblematic monuments: the Monumento a la lndependencia – also called Angel de la lndependencia or, simply, El Angel. The work presents Winged Victoria (a character from Roman mythology), wearing a laurel wreath and a broken three-link chain at the top of a 46-meter column. It was erected to commemorate the centenary of Mexican Independence in 1910.
In addition to the beautiful work of art, the avenue, more than twelve kilometers long, is home to hotels, restaurants, and some of the tallest and most imposing buildings in the country. Among them, Chapultepec Uno.
The project results from an investment of more than 400 million dollars and comprises technology and luxury in its 241 meters. The 58 floors and 97,000 square meters have offices, residences, a helipad, underground parking, a sky lounge, and a hotel managed by the Ritz-Carlton group.
Its bold architecture brings much more than just beauty. Chapultepec Uno is an AAA building with LEED environmental certification and cutting-edge technology. Its parking lot, for example, iscompletely automated, making it one of the building’s most curious attractions. Vehicles are parked in cabins, which have platforms that move them to parking spaces. At the exit, the vehicle is requested using a personal code, and the same automated platforms pick it up and deliver it to the driver.
Chapultepec Uno


Due to its grandeur and relevance, Chapultepec Uno was born connected. The developers made it possible to integrate the indoor DAS design with the building project. In this way, all necessary spaces, arrangement of antennas, and cabling paths were planned from the building’s conception, avoiding interference with other installations.
The project is an example of efficiency in connectivity. There are 319 antennas distributed between the floors and the underground parking, serving both corporate and residential units. To discreetly integrate with the building’s architecture, the antennas have slim profiles and are attached to round ceiling lights. Recently, they gained a new look and were inserted into frames like luminaires, specially designed so they do not interfere with signal radiation.


The companies in the building constantly make changes to the spaces they occupy. New tenants and owners adapt their units upon arrival, and others modernize them after a few years of use, particularly after the new work dynamics imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Changes in office space configurations sometimes end up interfering with signal propagation, creating possible areas of shadow or redundancy. The project, however, already anticipated this dynamic. The antennas have relocation flexibility and can have their distribution changed quickly and with minimal impact. The system is, therefore, constantly updated to maintain excellent coverage levels.


QMC is a pioneer in indoor systems for large buildings throughout Latin America and is also responsible for the neutral host operation of the first DAS system in a skyscraper in the country: Torre Mayor, neighboring Chapultepec Uno, finished in 2012.

This project paved the way for a new era of indoor connectivity. In2016, a DAS system was implemented at Torre Kai, the tallest building in Mexico, in the vibrant city of Monterrey. In 2021, two more skyscrapers received indoor coverage: Chapultepec Uno itself and Greystar Stratto Americas – in the historic city of Guadalajara.


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