Redefine your reality: get connected!

QMC TELECOM delivers mobile connectivity with a partnership mentality. We are trusted by telecom operators and systems integrators in our markets, which allows us to transform any place into somewhere connected.

We design, build, own and operate Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), cell towers, rooftops, and Street Level Solutions (SLS) that enhance mobile connectivity.

We have a portfolio of more than 3,800 assets installed and under development, including a diverse portfolio of indoor DAS and Street Level Solutions.

Our extensive array of partners includes commercial offices, multifamily communities, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, educational facilities, transportation infrastructure and airports. We also work closely with the most credible contractors, distributors, and equipment manufacturers, who supply the essential components of our wireless ecosystem.

With our indoor projects, we deliver turn-key quality networks that make connectivity an asset for every business we serve. No more dropped calls. No more slow download speeds. Our DAS projects are tailor-made to meet both the technical requirements of the carriers and the business needs of venue owners, who require quality indoor networks for their establishments.

We also offer Street Level Solutions (SLS), which use small cells to provide high-performance connectivity in high-volume outdoor locations. This solution allows us to prepare for the next wave of connectivity.


Indoor coverage

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is the ideal solution to address surging mobile data consumption indoors, as it offers capacity and coverage for locations with high foot traffic. Unlike WiFi, DAS supplies carrier-grade connectivity with reliability, security, and guaranteed quality of service.


Street level coverage

Street level solutions (SLS) supply connectivity in both urban and rural areas that generate great demands for data and overload existing networks. SLS utilizes existing street infrastructure like utility poles, building facades and bus stops to connect networks through optical fiber.


Outdoor coverage

Outdoor infrastructure solutions, such as cell towers and camouflaged sites, involve the construction and management of macro sites that solve mobile coverage issues across larger areas. Cellular signal towers form the coverage layer needed to connect people everywhere.


Our solutions are built to last, offering sustainably high performance

We build projects that support the smart economy. We continuously look for new ways to reduce costs and deliver solutions with greater efficiency. In our partnerships with our customers, we adhere to the highest standards of service and ethics.

Our telecommunications infrastructure projects embody the transformative power of new technologies – allowing you and your customers to connect to what really matters. 


Indoor solutions

In a world where 80% of mobile phone traffic takes place indoors—in offices, residential buildings, hospitals, universities, malls, hotels and airports—the need for indoor connectivity is more apparent than ever. Complex emerging technologies require solutions that must be managed continuously and are innovative, intelligent and prepared for the future.

QMC’s solutions are ready for 5G, the next generation of wireless technology. Our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) product channels cellular signal from the operators’ core network through antennas that are responsive to the surrounding environment. The result is a high-quality service for mobile users. We also give venue owners the financial flexibility to control their coverage through our venue-funded model, which no other neutral host offers at scale.


Street Level Solutions

Cities are complex ecosystems home to people in constant motion, making their way through the streets to reach their destination, often between tall and wide buildings. This high density of devices and the innumerable signals that they transmit, coupled with the challenges of passing signal through concrete barriers, can prevent the signals that towers produce from reaching devices properly. The result is a compromised connection quality. With limited space to build new towers but growing demands for connectivity, mobile users need an integrated solution.

QMC offers integrated antenna structure solutions – which utilize existing urban street infrastructure – to serve these dense areas with large flows of people, ensuring consistently high-performing connectivity.


Outdoor solutions

Demand for connectivity is not limited to large cities. Smaller cities, resort towns and rural regions have also embraced technology and need quality telecom infrastructure. For example, mobile connectivity has already revolutionized agriculture and will continue to do so as 5G offers more applications to increase efficiency and improve plant yields.

Furthermore, many small municipalities and neighborhoods are considered heritage sites where traditional development is limited due to historic preservation or environmental considerations. Here at QMC, we create tailor-made solutions that account for these special cases while we continue to deliver high-performing connectivity.


We build unique projects that combine technical and commercial knowledge at all stages: from planning to implementation and ongoing maintenance