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Uniquely welcoming patients with comfort, safety, and the latest technology are core values for the Vila Nova Star hospital in Sao Paulo, part of Rede D’Or.The hospital has developed a premium service concept that combines its 89 hospital beds in sophisticated and harmonious rooms, 38 of which are for intensive care, with a luxury “six stars” hotel service. The entire venue features artwork by the artist Yutaka Toyota, symbolizing resilience through integrating of technology with human strength.
One of the most visited tourist spots in Mexico City is the wide Paseo de La Reforma Avenue, which houses one of the city’s most emblematic monuments: the Monumento a la lndependencia – also called Angel de la lndependencia or, simply, El Angel. The work presents Winged Victoria (a character from Roman mythology), wearing a laurel wreath and a broken three-link chain at the top of a 46-meter column. It was erected to commemorate the centenary of Mexican Independence in 1910.
Cartagena de lndias is a charming historic city located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. With its cobblestone streets, ancient walls, and well­ preserved colonial architecture, the city has a rich history as an important port during the Spanish colonial era, reflected in its impressive colonial buildings, imposing fortresses, and magnificent churches. Furthermore, its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and tropical climate make Cartagena one of the most popular tourist destinations during the Latin American summer. Visitors can explore the historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with its lively squares, craft shops, delicious restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. The city has around one million inhabitants and received more than seven million tourists in 2022.
Expanded and renamed Sao Paulo Expo, the former lmigrantes Exhibition & Convention Center has become one of the most sought-after venues for events in Brazil and one of the largest and best­ structured exhibition centers in Latin America.
Located on the shores of Baia de Guanabara in Rio de Janeiro and enjoying a beautiful view of Pao de Açucar and Cristo Redentor, Bossa Nova Mall is a very peculiar shopping center. The project is the first in the segment connected to an airport in Brazil. It serves the enormous flow of passengers from Santos Dumont, one of the busiest in the country, in addition to the residences and businesses in the center and southern section of the city.
Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue in Sao Paulo is the most important business and financial center in the country. Anyone who goes to Sao Paulo on business is unlikely to miss this place. The growing influx of people and businesses in the region has, over the years, increased the complexity of providing quality mobile coverage.
Hospital do Coração do Brasil (HCBr) and Hospital Santa Luzia (HSL) are located in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. The hospitals are regional leaders in quality and service and form part of the D’Or São Luiz network, the largest network of private hospitals in Latin America.
Suppose you’re coming to São Paulo for business. In the largest economic and industrial center of the Southern Hemisphere, it’s hard not to pass by Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, São Paulo’s Wall Street, which unites various multinational companies across the technology and finance sectors. One building stands out: Pátio Victor Malzoni, the largest corporate structure on Faria Lima.
The beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro is home to many attractions and popular destinations. In the affluent southern side of the city, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and Leblon Beach draw tourists and locals alike.
Imagine living and working in one of the best locations in Guadalajara, capital of Mexico’s Jalisco state, without worrying about furniture, appliances or services. You have everything that you need, except that whenever you want to call a customer or friend, there’s no cellular signal. Not even in the case of an emergency.
A sought-after destination for more than 2.5 million tourists in Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer stands at 124 feet high, weighing 1,145 tons. The monument is the city’s postcard and is considered one of the seven new wonders of the world. Located atop Corcovado Hill in Tijuca National Park, the area is covered by forest, which leads to poor cell phone coverage.
Healthcare providers increasingly rely on modern telecommunication solutions to deliver quality care for patients. As technology and public needs advance, investing in telecommunication solutions is key to long-term stability and operations. Distributed Antenna Systems (or DAS) for hospitals have emerged as the best way to improve connectivity, and a good example of this is found at Hospital Perinatal Barra.
Minas Gerais is known for its culture, history, and indescribable cuisine. One of the main point of entry to Minas Gerais is Belo Horizonte International Airport, located in the municipality of Confins. The airport is home to one of the busiest terminals in the country. In 2013, to prepare for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the federal government held an auction to privatize the airport for 30 years. The winner was a consortium formed by the CCR group and Zürich Airport.
The Vila Galé Cumbuco hotel is an all-inclusive resort in Praia do Cumbuco located 1.5 miles north of the Cumbuco village.Cumbuco village is part of the city of Caucaia, located 15 miles from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará state, and 30 miles from the nearest airport.
Torre KOI, located in Monterrey, Mexico, is one of the tallest buildings in Latin America at a height of 280 meters. The tower contains both premium offices and luxury residential spaces, with important tenants such as Banorte and IOS Offices.
Viva Barranquilla is a mall located in Barranquilla, the capital of Atlántico State in Colombia with 1.2 million inhabitants. Barranquilla is the largest city in the state and has the second largest port in the northern Caribbean Coast.

SLS – Street Level Solutions

Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini Avenue in São Paulo is considered one of the city’s main corporate hubs, along with Paulista and Faria Lima Avenues. It is an important business center, home to around 900 companies, and where approximately 200,000 people commute to every day. Those figures alone reflect the critical need for quality mobile coverage. QMC accepted the challenge of developing an innovative infrastructure project in the region with the intent of raising the quality of service to an optimum level.
A hot destination for Brazilian and foreign tourists, Balneário Camboriú, situated on the coast of Santa Catarina, is emerging as one of the key places in Brazil that attracts high-end real estate developments.With a population of around 150,000, the city is known as the tourism capital of Santa Catarina. In addition to the condominiums and beautiful beaches, such as Central, Praia das Laranjeiras, and Taquaras, Balneário has a lively nightlife and great chefs from the Brazilian gastronomic scene.
Established in 1867, the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) is the main public education entity linked to the Colombian Ministry of Education. The institution has several campuses nationwide and is one of the most renowned in Latin America, with around 50,000 students currently enrolled in more than 450 courses.

Outdoor solutions

Mexico ranks 14lh among the largest countries in the world in surface area and has an estimated population of more than 126 million. While the majority reside in urban areas, large cities, and their metropolitan regions, such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, the rural population still represents a significant portion, with approximately 20% of people, around 25 million, living in communities and regions away from large urban centers.
The municipality of Porto Segura forms, together with Santa Cruz Cabralia and Belmonte, the so-called Costa do Descobrimento, where the Portuguese squadron commanded by Pedro Alvares Cabral first landed in Brazil on April 22, 1500. The region is one of the most visited in northeastern Brazil by domestic and foreign tourists. The public visiting the beautiful beaches, inns, hotels, and resorts desires quality mobile coverage all year round, especially during high season and main festive periods,such as Carnival and New Year’s Eve.
A destination for celebrities, musicians, international athletes, and multinational executives, Los Cabos is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous places on the North American continent. The region has beautiful desert landscapes and breathtaking views along the Sea of Cortez, such as the famous El Arco and all the beautiful rock formations carved by the waters coming together from the Gulf of California and the Pacific, a natural relic that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Founded in 1535, Olinda is the oldest city in Brazil. Colonized by the Portuguese, it quickly prospered thanks to exploding demand for sugarcane that could be harvested there. Over the next few centuries, the fortune of the city, which was even occupied by the Dutch for 20 years, would rise and fall as economic opportunity shifted. Today, Olinda, which sits atop a hill and offers coastal views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city’s port, is home to high-end buildings that are accessible by rail from Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco.