São Paulo Expo


Expanded and renamed Sao Paulo Expo, the former lmigrantes Exhibition & Convention Center has become one of the most sought-after venues for events in Brazil and one of the largest and best­ structured exhibition centers in Latin America.
The space has eight pavilions and an internal area of 100,000 square meters, which can be modulated to suit every event profile. Major fairs and exhibitions, such as Comic Con Experience, Futurecom, Agrishow, Boat Show, and Salao Internacional do Autom6vel, are currently hosted or have previously been held there, as well as congresses, conventions, and even concerts and shows.
The importance of the venue demanded a state-of­ the-art connectivity solution that could withstand peak crowds during events.
Since its inauguration in 2016, the venue has had a Passive DAS, which covers the areas of Pavillions One and Two, totaling approximately 77,000 square meters.

In 2018, to host Futurecom, Latin America’s largest Telecommunications, IT, and Internet fair, the project underwent a pioneering upgrade with the installation of an LTE-A MIMO 4×4 system for mass use in indoor environments. Popularly known as 4.5G, data transmission reaches the end user via carrier aggregation, enabling high download and upload speeds and a differentiated experience. At the time of the project, in addition to the indoor RF design, OMC also functioned as a consultant to the operators in defining the best backhaul configuration for the system. The challenge was how to ensure the best possible performance without transfer rate bottlenecks throughout the network from mobile to core.

The result was fantastic, according to Futurecom’s Director, Mr. Hermano do Amaral:
“Dear Andre, thank you very much for your and QMC’s important participation in our Futurecom.
You know that one of the key points in the decision to move Futurecom to the SP Expo was the issue of internet coverage and QMC has put an end to this nightmare of all fairs!
Congratulations and thank you!”

São Paulo Expo
São Paulo Expo


The system installed at the Sao Paulo Expo faced major design and implementation challenges
To serve trade fairs and events in a flexible manner, the pavilions can be configured in a modular way. The infinite combinations of module layouts produce an almost dynamic environment in terms of interference and isolation, making static positioning of antennas difficult. To overcome this challenge, special antennas with a restricted degree of aperture were sought on the market. These antennas radiate the signal in a precise direction with minimal lateral leakage, and have been developed to cover large stadiums and arenas and achieve this result by having reduced side propagation lobes.
Keeping any interference under control and contained was one of the key points of the project. Such care was taken that even the paint used to camouflage the antennas was given special attention. Lead, a metal part of the composition of many paints, could cause possible interference. The solution was to look for paint that didn’t use lead material in its composition.
The project was designed to support all the operators’ frequencies and technologies, which made it possible to implement a MIMO 4×4 system and activate LTE-A technology, i.e., enable the capacity for carrier aggregation of the operators’ networks.
Finally, the proper functioning of MIMO 4×4 depends on balancing the losses between the different branches of each antenna. To meet the requirements, specific tests were carried out for TAE (Time Alignment Error) and EVM (Error Vector Magnitude), some of the most important metrics of quality and performance of a MIMO system.


In a record time of four months, the entire project moved from the engineering computers to the installations in Pavilions One and Two, despite the reduced deployment timeline and fast-paced schedule. The solution was carefully designed and included the installation of 48 camouflaged indoor antennas, and a macro on the rooftop of the parking
structure to reinforce coverage in the outdoor areas of the venue.
The responsibility of offering excellent connectivity during Futurecom was magnified since the fair is used annually by hundreds of players in the Telecom sector as a showcase to present their technologies to the market. By offering an innovative multi­ operator MIMO 4×4 system solution, QMC has solidified its leadership in indoor coverage solutions and its ability to implement cutting-edge technology.
During the peak hours of Futurecom 2018, which brought together thousands of people connected simultaneously, the system delivered a performance with download speed of 300 Mbps on 4.5G – a performance that surpasses excellence indexes recognized worldwide.


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