Vila Nova Star


Uniquely welcoming patients with comfort, safety, and the latest technology are core values for the Vila Nova Star hospital in Sao Paulo, part of Rede D’Or.

The hospital has developed a premium service concept that combines its 89 hospital beds in sophisticated and harmonious rooms, 38 of which are for intensive care, with a luxury “six stars” hotel service. The entire venue features artwork by the artist Yutaka Toyota, symbolizing resilience through integrating of technology with human strength.
With a proposal focused on valuing its patients and companions, there could be no lack of connectivity. An Active DAS system was designed to cover all 16 floors and underground garage levels of Vila Nova Star. The project was carried out in 2022, after a few hospitalizations of the then President of the Republic, as the flow of people at the hospital increased significantly due to the delegation of advisors, family members, and the media at the site.
The need for flawless connectivity was the impetus for the project to be successful and for its advanced three-month implementation. The installation process was complex and challenging since a hospital requires strict protocols and certificates. The 24/7 operation also imposed a challenge in terms of planning, access, and schedules for carrying out the work.
Vila Nova Star
Vila Nova Star


The project required a significant upgrade to the hospital’s energy grid. The hospital’s connection to the grid was already at full utilization and did not allow additional systems that could compromise the operation of the facilities and life-saving devices. QMC was able to negotiate with the hospital and utility company a new energy entry using a different access to the building to make the project viable.
An Active DAS interconnected via fiber optics was implemented, with three sectors, six remote units, and 265 antennas distributed across all floors of the building. They were installed strategically in harmony with the environments, covering 100% of the floors, whether in common areas, apartments, exam rooms, or surgical centers.
Vila Nova Star is a living project that requires constant adjustments and technical support to resolve eventual connectivity issues and avoid at all cost interference with medical equipment on the premises. Consequently, the maintenance and support offered to the customer and venue is as important as the installation of the system itself, guaranteeing a reliable quality mobile service to the end users.


The importance of connectivity in hospitals is a hot topic for medical staff, patients, friends, and families. Video calls, for example, have become fundamental in daily activities, thus reinforcing the need for a good mobile connection.
Another reality is the insertion of online consultations into the hospital routine that often replace in-person doctor visits. As in the corporate world, this practice is here to stay, allowing more patients to be cared for in less time.
QMC met the hospital’s and operator’s needs and expectations, establishing itself as a trusted partner to bridge the gap between large venues and mobile operators by providing the necessary infrastructure for robust, comprehensive, and economically viable coverage.


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