QMC’s First C-DAS in Healthcare

Hospital do Coração do Brasil and Hospital Santa Luzia

The buildings attained better connectivity in fewer than 6 months

Hospital do Coração do Brasil (HCBr) and Hospital Santa Luzia (HSL) are located in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. The hospitals are regional leaders in quality and service and form part of the D’Or São Luiz network, the largest network of private hospitals in Latin America.  

Separated by a corridor, the hospitals suffered from poor cellular signal quality for external and internal communication between medical staff and patients.

QMC’s First C-DAS in Healthcare


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The project at Belo Horizonte International Airport was one of the most challenging for the DAS team, as it was QMC’s first case of an indoor solution implemented at an airport. Luckily, the airport already had a Wi-Fi infrastructure; the team expanded the existing connectivity to areas with difficult access that lacked cellular signal from the carriers, such as basements and check-in areas.

The complexity of the area also required thorough detailing of the project. With this in mind, each stage of the project was explored in depth by our team to ensure the highest quality delivery across all phases. This approach by QMC was key to project success and served as a model for future indoor DAS projects.

Indoor connectivity — an ideal solution for airports

QMC’s system at the Belo Horizonte International Airport is an Active DAS, a set of network elements that distribute the signal source of cellular operators through Remote Units connected by Optical Fiber. The Active DAS means the signal is closer to the end-user with the exact amount of power transmitted by an infrastructure of more than 200 antennas placed in strategic areas.

The benefits of using DAS at airports include:

  • Installation with low visual impact to existing architectural features
  • Adaptation to new technologies such as 5G
  • Coverage of new areas
  • Remote and proactive connectivity monitoring

“From negotiation to execution, the entire process with QMC was very positive. The company is an excellent partner. The entire team was available to explain to us, in detail, what it would develop in each area. It also conducted the process with complete transparency. We recommend partnering with QMC for indoor connectivity projects”, emphasizes Carlos Marum, Managing Partner of the ARION Group.

In the words of the airport:

“Since developing the project to improve our cellular coverage at the terminal, the goal has always been to offer the best experience to passengers, visitors, and the airport community. The Distributed Antenna System (DAS) brings us toward improving our infrastructure. The world is completely digital, people want and need to be connected, and we’re always aware of trends in the technology market. In this process, we have good partners like QMC who have helped people to communicate well when passing through here, whether on the phone or when needing a quality internet connection,” says Paulo Amarante, Information Technology Manager at BH Airport.