Balneário Camboriú


A hot destination for Brazilian and foreign tourists, Balneário Camboriú, situated on the coast of Santa Catarina, is emerging as one of the key places in Brazil that attracts high-end real estate developments.

With a population of around 150,000, the city is known as the tourism capital of Santa Catarina. In addition to the condominiums and beautiful beaches, such as Central, Praia das Laranjeiras, and Taquaras, Balneário has a lively nightlife and great chefs from the Brazilian gastronomic scene.

All these attributes require excellent mobile coverage in the area to meet the needs of tourists, businesses, and the local population. The New Year’s Eve celebration, for example, gathers almost a million people on the waterfront and on anchored boats to watch the fireworks extravaganza.
The urban configuration of the waterfront region, however, poses enormous challenges for the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure. Very little space is available for conventional macro towers, which also have an undesirable visual impact. The height of the buildings prevents rooftop infrastructure from offering coverage to the street level of the waterfront. Moreover, Balneario possesses six of the ten tallest buildings in the country, including the building at the number one spot at 290 meters high.
Balneário Camboriú
Balneário Camboriú


The solution that was eventually implemented to achieve this objective was to use low-height infrastructure, which put the antennas close to the users: SLS – Street Level Solutions.

In 2019, the Balneário Camboriú project was carefully designed to bring coverage and capacity to more than six kilometers of waterfront, where restaurants, residential buildings, and hotels are all concentrated. One of the goals was for the system to be ready and functional by New Year’s Eve.

To meet the proposed coverage and capacity standards, thirteen locations along the waterfront were initially slated for the network infrastructure.As a result of the solution’s excellent performance and growing demand, the project was expanded to 21 active SLS nodes, transmitting signals of all three largest nationwide operators in Brazil.


Some existing structures identified to receive the antennas were the light poles along the boardwalk, which were ideal candidates and belonged to the Municipality. These “art pieces” were designed by the renowned Brazilian architect Jaime Lerner to provide adequate and aesthetically pleasing lighting to the beachfront, enhancing the space and improving the visitors’ experience.

Through a meticulous project, using anti-corrosion materials preserving the original characteristics of the light poles, QMC obtained access to and licensing of the necessary locations from Balneário Camboriú Municipality, enabling the system to be implemented and activated in time for the New Year’s Eve festivities.


When the infrastructure was deployed, the initial tests showed remarkable results: with 500 to 1,000 users connected simultaneously (peaking at 4,500 during New Year’s Eve), 80% of the user samples experienced download rates greater than 30 Mbps.

All the nodes are represented by street furniture, bringing a necessary harmony to the region. The system is also ready to accept a future upgrade to 5G NR spectrum bands.

Mobile coverage and capacity on the waterfront have been completely reinvigorated, especially when there is a peak concentration of people congregating near the beach. A public that is increasingly aware and starving for technology is now able to enjoy these efficient services established in this state-of-the-art connectivity alongside the beauty of Balneário.


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