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QMC is a telecommunications infrastructure company operating throughout Mexico.

To better serve our customers, we have a select group of providers, mainly in the telecommunications area

Areas of opportunity

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  • Telecommunication towers and poles Project and Structural Report Executive projects Supply of towers and posts Tower and pole assembly services camouflage planimetric probes solar beacon Repair and maintenance service related to telecommunications Civil works services for the construction of GF and RT sites Bases for towers and posts Public agency licensing services Work acceptance inspection services Hormigonado topography services concrete information services Site cleaning services

Supply of active equipment and passive materials

  • Installation and maintenance services for active equipment and passive materials Reports and structural projects Civil works services in interior sites Walktest services Executive projects Supply of Electric Boards Supply of refrigerated and ventilated racks Indoor systems maintenance services

  • Supply of passive materials
    Supply of fiber optic materials
    FO construction and launch services (MD and MND)
    Installation services for irradiation systems and small cells
    Small cell maintenance services
    FO network services and repairs
  • By travel (airline tickets and hotels) Logistics workshop material IT and telecommunications: equipment and services

Learn to be a QMC provider

To be a QMC provider, you must first follow our Code of Ethics. It is also necessary to have a legally constituted company and to be part of the areas of opportunity of QMC TELECOM. To obtain more information, consult our frequent questions.


QMC’s mission is “to earn the trust of our customers, solution by solution, with the best delivery and reliability”. QMC’s vision is to “Promote Growth”, “Make Connectivity Possible” and “Solve Our Customers’ Need”.

The QMC values ​​are:
  •  Entrepreneur
  • Act with integrity
  • Smart economy
  • Focused the results
  • No ego
  • Focus on our client
  • Made to last

QMC operates in the area of ​​telecommunications infrastructure. All our solutions are aimed at providing connectivity to people.

QMC was born in Puerto Rico, where its headquarters are located. Jose Stella and Rafael Somoza, founders of QMC, were also born in Puerto Rico.

José Stella y Rafael Somoza son cofundadores y codirectores de QMC.
José Stella and Rafael Somoza are co-founders and co-directors of QMC.

Today we are a Latin American multinational company, present in five countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, the United States and Puerto Rico.

All major mobile phone operators and connectivity companies in the countries where we operate are clients of QMC.

QMC offers telecommunications infrastructure solutions:

  • Outdoor coverage:
  • construction of
  • telecommunications
  • towers and
  • camouflaged sites
  • Distributed antenna
  • systems (DAS) for
  • indoor environments
  • Small Cells for high-
  • flow situations.

We firmly believe in the importance of the candidate and company, company and candidate connection. Connectivity governs the QMC culture: it is the fuel of the orange blood that we have running through our veins, every day that we get up to work. We want to find people who share our values, who believe in our mission and are connected to our vision. Above all, we want to work with people who are human, transparent and respectful; who know how to work in a team and are experts in their field of activity.

The opportunity to work with committed people, without personal egos and who still enjoy a famous happy hour to celebrate the victories won. At QMC, thinking outside the box is encouraged, so that people can contribute, discuss and create innovative solutions to everyday problems as a team.