DAS products

The Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is one of QMC’s solutions for indoor environments that offer high-quality coverage for your enterprise. DAS provides signal via small antennas strategically located in your venue that connect you to the carriers’ mobile networks. Unlike Wi-Fi, DAS gives you guaranteed connectivity in dedicated spectrum.

It doesn’t matter if your business is a corporate building, a hospital, a university, a hotel, a convention center, a stadium or just a single floor in a building. We are ready to serve you with a turn-key indoor solution, tailored to your needs. Once the solution is installed, we manage it for you and handle all of the external parties.

Discover the DAS solutions offered by QMC

Active DAS

ACTIVE DAS is best suited for venues that require long cable runs where the benefits of fiber are evident. These buildings typically serve a high volume of people, where providing network capacity is the venue’s most important requirement. Examples of such places are shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, airports, university campuses or convention centers.

DAS Products

ACTIVE DAS uses amplifiers (remote units) that are connected through fiber optic cables to a point of interface, which gathers all the signals from the operators. The remote units are positioned close to the transmission antennas, which are spread across the building. With an ACTIVE DAS the signal arrives with superior quality and strength to the amplifiers, which improve the signal provided by the wireless antennas. In addition, it is an easily adaptable infrastructure for new technologies such as 5G and can be designed and implemented in projects of any size.

ACTIVE DAS at a glance:

Large enterprises and / or venues with a large volume of people and high demand for signal and connectivity.

  • Low impact installation
  • Easily adaptable to new technologies (5G)
  • Easily scalable to cover new areas or layout adaptations
  • Monitored remotely through a NOC (Network Operation Center).

Passive DAS

A system suitable for smaller venues and lower volumes of people. Passive DAS presents lower implementation costs when compared to an active system, but it’s not easily upgradeable for new technologies, changes in layout, or addition of new areas in the venue project. 

DAS Products

The PASSIVE DAS uses passive components, such as coaxial cables, splitters and diplexers, to distribute the signal through the low power antennas directly connected to the operators’ radio equipment. It does not convert the RF signal to optical signal as an ACTIVE DAS does.

PASSIVE DAS at a glance:
Smaller projects with a moderate flow of traffic.
  • Relatively easy RF design.
  • Increased component compatibility.
  • Low cost.
  • Can be installed in hostile environments.

Lite DAS

What is LITE DAS?

While DAS is a solution to ensure connectivity throughout an enterprise – such as a building, a mall, or a hospital – LITE DAS is a customized version that covers only one or more floors. It is ideal for corporate offices, since it is a quick and easy installation solution. The implementation is immediate.

DAS Products

How does LITE DAS work?

The structure of LITE DAS is segmented into 3 elements: the Access Unit (AU), the Extension Unit (EU), and the Radio Unit (NPRU). Finally, these three elements are connected through passive components, such as jumpers and antennas.

What are the benefits of LITE DAS?

LITE DAS can be up to 30% cheaper than other solutions available on the market, and it is funded via a monthly fee model.


All the components of LITE DAS are installed in private areas and do not require extra space in common areas.


In addition to being a lower complexity model, Lite DAS can be deployed rapidly because QMC maintains a ready stock of equipment.


Like ACTIVE DAS, LITE DAS only needs simple substitutions of radios to meet new frequencies, including those used by 5G.


The solution’s simplicity and flexibility allow it to be relocated to other locations if necessary.


The LITE DAS is connected to QMC’s NOC (Network Management Center), being monitored 24/7 by a full-time engineering and service team.


What QMC DAS solutions offer:

  • Increased customer or tenant satisfaction
  • Service level agreement (SLA) that meets carriers’ operational standards
  • Remote monitoring of installed networks
  • Close relationships with all the major operators
  • Built-to-last solution adaptable to new technologies and operators (Active DAS)
  • Executive team with over 100 years of experience in the US wireless market

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