QMC Telecom to bring 5G to Multiplan shopping malls.

The goal of the partnership is to bring 5G connectivity to the interior of the group’s developments spread across seven Brazilian states. The indoor infrastructure is intended to address the connectivity gaps of conventional external cellular towers.

Multiplan has 20 units in operation, totaling over 2 million square meters of built space and approximately 190 million visits per year, according to the company. Examples of shopping centers managed by the network include ParkShopping in Brasília, Barra Shopping in Rio de Janeiro, Morumbi Shopping in São Paulo, and Pátio Savassi in Belo Horizonte.

The indoor 5G coverage in malls will be achieved through the use of DAS (Distributed Antenna System), according to QMC. “The rapid advancement of indoor 5G in Brazil reflects the commitment and strategic vision of operators to meet the growing demand for 5G connectivity within large developments, something challenging to address solely through external networks.”


“QMC continues to solidify itself as a trusted partner in bridging the gap between large developments and telecommunications operators, enabling the necessary infrastructure for a robust, comprehensive, and economically viable 5G,” said Fabio Andreas Fernandes, Director of Special Indoor Projects at QMC in Brazil.

For now, QMC has not disclosed which operators will be part of this project to bring 5G to Multiplan developments, nor which malls will receive the infrastructure. The telecom company only stated that ‘two of the largest telecommunications operators in Brazil already have dozens of 4G and 5G projects underway with QMC, including for Multiplan’s shopping centers.

Press release available for full reading (content in Portuguese) [here]