Faria Lima


Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue in Sao Paulo is the most important business and financial center in the country. Anyone who goes to Sao Paulo on business is unlikely to miss this place. The growing influx of people and businesses in the region has, over the years, increased the complexity of providing quality mobile coverage.
Located in one of Faria Lima’s prime locations, the Patio Victor Malzoni building is one of the city’s most famous addresses. It hosts global companies and welcomes more than 130,000 people per month. Its relevance, however, is not restricted to housing multinational companies or its contemporary architecture and sustainable model. The building also hosts a telecommunications infrastructure center of excellence.
Since 2019, the complex has had an Active DAS. It has become the centerpiece of a bold connectivity project, which interconnects with two other buildings: Faria Lima Square and JK 1455 (also known as The City).
Faria Lima
Faria Lima


In 2018, when the DAS project at Patio Victor Malzoni began to be designed with one of the country’s major operators, the opportunity for synergy with other buildings in the region became clear. The solution then evolved into a C-DAS that could serve the original building and share its capacity with adjacent buildings, drastically reducing the operators’ overall TCO. In this C-DAS architecture, signal sources, POis, and access units (master) are centralized in the Patio Victor Malzoni building. The access units (master) convert the electrical signal into an optical signal, and these are transported via a fiber optic network with geographic redundancy to the satellite buildings (Faria Lima Square and JK 1455), where the electrical signals are regenerated, amplified, and transmitted. With this solution it is possible to serve multiple locations, even kilometers away, without loss of performance.
In 2022, one of the region’s newest and most contemporary buildings – Birmann 32, known for the twenty-meter-long metal whale in front of its theater – received an independent Active DAS system with an indoor fiber infrastructure for the fixed network. The neutral fiber was installed during the construction of the building. In practice, each new company that moves into the building can connect to the fixed network infrastructure very quickly, with the service of the operator of their choice.


The indoor QMC infrastructure at Faria Lima brings cutting-edge connectivity to the country’s leading business and financial center and prepares the region to receive the fifth generation of mobile data.
The DAS systems that today support four buildings with great resource efficiency are ready to receive SG NR. They can bring indoor connectivity from the lowest to the highest floors, where the signal from outdoor infrastructure has difficulty penetrating.
The established multi-faceted service is a first-of­ a-kind in Brazil, and the systems are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through QMC’s Network Operation Center. Faults and signal interruptions are immediately detected and trigger corrective action.
The Faria Lima project brings innovations and breaks paradigms, combining solutions that maximize the efficiency of the initiative, solving the problem of indoor connectivity in an ecosystem that brings together challenges of signal coverage, interference, and network capacity.


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